Eni Brandner

is a European filmmaker, animator and visual artist. 

In her work she likes to reflect on social-critical thematics and to experiment with creating narratives from fragmented visual elements. 

After studying Multimedia Art (Salzburg, Austria 1999-2003) and Animation & New Media (Zagreb, Croatia 2003-2005), she has collaborated with directors and artists from different disciplines as an animator and digital artist. After showing her first film 'Granica’ at several international festivals - to great success, receiving four awards - she was approached to make music videos.

Since making her first music video, for ‘Inside’ by Ghost Capsules, she has continued to work with artists such as Bomb The Bass, Broad Bean Band and more recently, Love Amongst Ruin, her video for their acclaimed single ‘Modern War Song’ receiving it’s global premiere on Billboard.com.

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>>  Artist in Residence PIXEL, BYTES & FILM - supported by bka Austria, ORF III, arte creative - short film

Projection Design, Screendesign - ’70 Jahre Marshallplan‘ - exhibition/event by chekpointmedia

Lecture ‘Extra Dimensions‘ as part of the exhibition ‘Circuit Training’ at das weisse haus Wien

>>  Artistic contribution for ‘Kubépolis‘ - exhibition conceived by Korinna Lindinger & Karla Spiluttini

Artist in Residence with Loulou Omer at Im_Flieger - ‘Hinsichtlich der Frage‘ - work in progress

Animation, Direction ‘GRASP‘ / Screening at Punto y Raya Festival ZKM Karlsruhe - experimental animation

>>  Collaborative work at Schmiede Hallein ‘Gabriel John’s Funeral’ - experimental animation


>>  Editing, Post Production, Colour Grading - DEDE feat. Alan Wilder  ‘Calling the Clock‘ - music video

>>  Stop Motion Animation -
‘Vienna table trip‘ - short film by Virgil Widrich

>>  Webdesign & Artwork - DEDE - www.thisisdede.com

>>  Album Artwork -
LOVE AMONGST RUIN ‘Lose Your Way - Acoustic Album’

>>  Title Design - ‘The Night Of A Thousand Hours’ - a film by Virgil Widrich

>>  Title Design - ‘Hilda’ - a film by Karin Berghammer


>>  Concept, Direction, Animation, Editing - LOVE AMONGST RUIN  ‘So Close’ - music video

Direction, Editing - LOVE AMONGST RUIN ‘Modern War Song’ - music video

>>  Digital Art Director - ‘The Night Of A Thousand Hours’ - a film by Virgil Widrich

>>  Album Artwork - LOVE AMONGST RUIN ‘Lose Your Way’

>>  Concept, Direction, Animation, Editing - LOVE AMONGST RUIN  ‘Lose Your Way’ - music video

>>  Concept, Direction, Editing - LOVE AMONGST RUIN  ‘In The Studio’ - album clip

>>  Concept, Direction, Editing - LOVE AMONGST RUIN  ‘In The Studio’ - single clip


>>  Concept, Direction, Animation, Editing - GHOST CAPSULES ‘Army Of My Head’ - music video

>>  Album Artwork - ‘ESFERA’ by GHOST CAPSULES

>>  Title Design - DREAMS REWIRED - a film by Manu Luksch, Martin Reinhart and Thomas Tode,
      narrated by Tilda Swinton

>>  Stop Motion Puppet Modeling for - Wolf & Ritterskamp


>>  Writer, Director, Photographer, Editor - BOMB THE BASS ‘Mega Dis’ - music video

>>  Animation, Digital Post Production - FIEBER - a Film by Elfi Mikesch - produced by AMOUR FOU Films

      in cooperation with ZDF/3sat - supported by Film Fund Luxembourg, Film Institut, FISA,

      Land Steiermark, BLS Südtirol Alto-Adige

>>  Concept, Direction, Animation, Editing - BROAD BEAN BAND ‘Courtship Costume’ - music video

>>  Photography / Still & Live Action - GHOST CAPSULES on Tour

>>  Concept, Direction, Editing - GHOST CAPSULES ‘Magnetic Fields’ - music video

>>  Concept, Direction, Animation, Editing - BOMB THE BASS ‘Time Falls Apart’ - music video

>>  Jury Member for European Short Pitch 2013 - NISI MASA - European Network of Young Cinema


>>  Concept, Direction, Animation, Editing - BOMB THE BASS ‘Wandering Star’ - music video

>>  Writer, Director, Producer, Photographer, Animator, Editor - exhaustibility - animated experimental

       documentary short film - Music by Christof Dienz, supported by Innovative Film Austria

>>  Concept, Direction, Animation, Editing - COMPACT SPACE ‘Step Forward’ - music video

>>  Concept, Direction, Photography, Editing - GHOST CAPSULES ‘Inside’ - music video & EP cover

>>  New & Old Videos - Videonight @ Kulturschmiede w/ Dani Zeilinger - SOHO in Ottakring 2012

>>  Projections/Lights - Tamara Obrovac & Uros Rakovec in Concert @ Kulturschmiede -

       SOHO in Ottakring 2012

>>  Photography & Editing - mö:remix - Gypsy Baron Remixed @ Seefestspiele Mörbisch 2011, Idea &

       additional editing by Stefan Steiner

>>  Writer, Director - Ersatz - short film in development - participant of European Short Pitch 2012

       organized by NISI MASA European Network of Young Cinema

>>  Main Animator, DIT, Researcher - Mappa Mundi - directed by Bady Minck  (in production since 2009)


>>  Title Design - ‘The Future’s Past’ - by Susanne Brandstätter - produced by AMOUR FOU & Minotaurus Film

>>  Editing Consultant, Title Design - ‘1,2,3 und du bist dabei!’ - by Karin Berghammer

>>  Participant of KoFoMi SCORE_VIDEO_RMX 2011 curated by Daniela Tagger, Florian Gruber

      two experimental animations -  CandlelightDrawing & FACEnimation

>>  Animation Consultant, Camera Setup, Actress, Editing - Hedgehog - animation & design by Andreas K. Ertl

>>  Photography for Bomb the Bass

>>  Photography, Video, Room Concept, Walldesign, Visuals - We are the Robots  -  fluc Vienna / Tim Simenon

      & Valesta / WATR  - Visuals (excerpt)

>>  Animation, Compositing - Lieben ist menschlich - social awareness spot - produced by Junge Volkshilfe


>>  Exhibition Design - Granica@ASIFAkeil q21 MQ Vienna - photo collage / video installation

>>  Director, Animator of 7 animated clips (2D) for the Chamber of Consulting Engineers Austria

      produced by Jeitler&Partner Werbeagenten

>>  Digital Retouching - La Mort en son jardin  - directed by Jean-Laurent Csinidis / Amour Fou Filmproduktion

>>  Director, AnimatorTrailer 'Stem-Cells' - for video-contest CELLshorts  - produced by dialog:gentechnik


>>  Writer, Director, Producer, Photographer, Animator, Editor - Granica / Grenze / Border - short film, 6 min.

      in cooperation with Amour Fou Filmproduktion - supported by Innovative Film Austria and Wien Kultur


      watch Granica@EUROPE IN SHORTS - accompanied by a text by Werner Busch ‘Scream of Stone’ and

      interview with eni ‘Houses can tell their own stories’



light paintings / lichtmalerei

video-installation on five screens, A 2007

exhibition at ASIFA-keil, quartier21, museumsquartier vienna, december 2007

concept, direction, photography, editing, installation


noch fragen? / still have questions?

6 collage-/stop-motion animation short films for workshops about ‘lehre und forschung’, A 2006

organized by plansinn und trafo-k; part of the project ‘innovatives:österreich’ (innovative:austria)

concept, direction, animation


sale d’attentes / wartesaal / waiting room

theater-dance-creation for 3 men and one woman by loulou omer, A/B/F 2003/2004

international premiere at mains d’oeuvres, paris, october 2003

austrian premiere at schauspielhaus vienna, january 2004

concept and direction/animation of on stage projections

// as part of diploma work: ‘animation>projection’ – the history of artistic film-projection

in connection with developments in film-animation, theater, dance-film and photography)


essai / try

collage animation about the making of a collage-animation with silvia vollmeier, A 2002

script, direction, animation, sound           


visuals for a broken machine , A 2001, installation at künstlerhaus salzburg ‘gig_arbeit’- exhibition

script, animations/ installation


short film about the dangers of mobile phones, A 2001

script, direction, animation, editing, sound  


früher und heute / then and now

2 photos and poems for the ‘Landesausstellung HEIMAT’ exhibition at the kunsthalle tirol, hall in tirol

photography, poems



olga neuwirth - music for films

 dvd-production by kairos music, A 2008

          compositing for 'canon of funny phases'


          opera by beat furrer, stage design: zaha hadid A 2008

 dvd-production by kairos music

         re-synchronization of video and sound recordings

postproduction dvd mastering

schein sein / seems to be

          short film by bady minck, A/LUX 2007

          international premiere berlinale 2008

 head of digital postproduction,

          photography, assistant director

free radicals

          film & music project A/Lux 2007

          by: klangforum wien, minotaurus film luxembourg & amour fou

          curators: bady minck (film) & bernhard zachhuber (music)

          international premiere – biennale di venezia 2007

   technical advisor in cooperation with amour fou, golden girls


corridor, l’eclisse, pas de cinq, berlin zoo berlin ost

          videos by 4 directors, sound & music: penelope messidi, A 2007

          dvd mastering

das sein und das nichts / being and nothingness

          short film by bady mick, A/LUX 2007

          international premiere – international film festival rotterdam 2007

     head of digital postproduction, assistant director

cap manuel

  installation by tim sharp

  typographic design, animation


serviam ( working title)

            film by ruth mader, A 2006

            advisor for design of animated sequences

roll over mozart

             short film by bady minck, A 2006

             international premiere at international film festival rotterdam

             animation globe-sequence

imago mundi

            short experimental film by lisl ponger, A 2006

            international premiere at documenta XI

            title sequences – design and animation

jeder siebte mensch / every seventh person

             documentary film by elke groen & ina ivanceanu, A/LUX 2006

             international premiere at Viennale 2006

    title sequences – design and animation, subtitling


im anfang war der blick / in the beginning was the eye

             experimental film by bady minck, A/LUX 2003

    international premiere at international film festival cannes

             assistant for digital postproduction

             cloud animation for title-sequence / photography and animation

fast film

             experimental short film by virgil widrich, A/Lux 2003

    international premiere at international film festival cannes

           title sequences – design and animation

pas de repos pour les braves

             film by alain giraudie, F/A 2003

             international premiere at international film festival cannes

             title sequences – design and animation

Eni’s other recent projects have included artwork for albums by Ghost Capsules and Love Amongst Ruin, creating clay puppets for an animated film by “Ritterskamp&Wolf" and for Digital Art Direction on

“The Night Of A Thousand Hours" by Virgil Widrich (DoP Christian Berger).

Based in Vienna, she runs her own company, “Enimation” & “Verri Match Productions”, is a founding member of “Regarding Art” and is currently working on an exprimental TV format for “Pixel, Bytes & Film”, and the polyartistic performance “Hinsichtlich der Frage” together with Loulou Omer.